JJ Foodservice has attributed a massive increase in sales over the past quarter to its growing ranks of ­independent foodservice customers.

Figures shown exclusively to The Grocer revealed that sales were up 42.9% to on the same quarter last year to £45.6m.

In July, it totted up sales of £15.5m compared with £11.7m last July, while August’s £14.2m was £4m higher than last year and September’s estimated £15.9m would be an improvement of almost £6m on its 2010 performance.

CEO and owner Mustafa Kiamil said the growth was particularly encouraging as it was largely down to attracting new customers rather than from a single big contract win.

They had chosen JJ after the wholesaler extended its range earlier in the year a move that had also encouraged existing customers to increase their spend.

To facilitate this growing demand, the wholesaler has extended its telesales ordering times. It had also seen a bigger take-up of its online ordering system, said Kiamil. “By providing our customers with a wider choice of products and greater flexibility on how and when they place orders, we have managed to take a greater share,” he said. “Our customers recognise the benefits of our Customer Collection Service, which not only saves them money but also valuable time.”

The extended range includes a wider choice of ethnic foods as well as beers, wines and spirits.