More than 1,100 Smiths News customers will be directly impacted by the Olympics, the newspaper and magazine wholesaler has revealed.

The wholesaler said it had 75 customers on the Olympic Route Network - the roads that link the Olympic sites and will be affected by heavy restrictions during the games.

Some 635 customers were also situated on the Alternative Olympic Route Network, which will be used if there are problems on other routes, while a further 420 were based close to London venues. London’s population is expected to swell by 12% during the games, with 800,000 spectators predicted to travel to the capital on the busiest days.

Smiths News said it had formed two project teams to cover logistics, sales planning and communications for the Olympics. The teams had mapped out every London-based store that would be hit and they were now talking to key retailers to ensure they were prepared for the expected rise in trade.

“Smiths News is determined to give everyone an opportunity to make as much from this key trading period as possible,” added Smiths News retail channel manager Michael Williams.