Sir; Recent coverage of the new environmentally friendly' milk pouch caused a wry smile from many in the glass industry, especially as we now read that Sainsbury's has stopped selling milk in plastic bags, after customers complained they were fiddly and difficult to pour from. Obviously any reduction in waste going to landfill has to be good news for the environment, but why are packaging companies trying to reinvent the wheel when there is an environmentally friendly easy to use solution already to hand? Using glass milk bottles means that no waste goes to the landfill. The average glass milk bottle can be reused up to 40 times during its lifetime. At the end of its life it can be recycled and then used another 40 times and this process can be repeated endlessly, without any loss of quality. Aside from the environmental attributes of glass, research undertaken by Taylor Nelson Sofres on behalf of, the packing information bureau of British Glass, shows a clear consumer preference for glass. Some 71% of consumers prefer to see glass bottles on the table rather than plastic ones, while 55% said they would like to see more products packaged in glass. David Workman Director General British Glass Sheffield {{LETTERS }}