Euro levelling fish prices UK markets could see less fish as the euro levels price differences. The Zeebrugse Visveiling fish auction in Zeebrugge has announced a significant increase in turnover with figures rising 15% to 149m for 2001. The market has seen business rise dramatically thanks to its real-time internet fish auction and a number of innovations and services for local vessel owners and fishermen. Part of the increase in trade has been generated by encouraging many of the local boats to once again land in Zeebrugge. Many of these vessels have previously landed their catch either in the UK or the Netherlands to take advantage of higher prices. However many prices have levelled out across Europe thanks to the introduction of the euro. This has helped the Zeebrugge auction regain the local boats that were landing elsewhere. The real-time internet auction allows buyers from across Europe and even local Zeebrugge merchants to buy fish from their office desks, essentially creating a bigger marketplace. {{MEAT }}