Wilkinson Sword has called for a shake-up of the shaving fixture ahead of the launch next week of a £20m advertising campaign for its new Hydro range.

“The existing fixture places no focus on innovation and fails to engage shoppers through a lack of educational PoS,” said Wilkinson Sword marketing manager Wibke Stoffers as the brand unveiled its new advert a month after the Hydro shaving range was launched.

“Signage should do the job of a basic sales assistant there’s no signage at all at the moment. People just go on to auto-pilot at the fixture they need help to know what’s better for their needs.”

She urged retailers to use the launch as an opportunity to review the layout of the shaving fixture.

The campaign marked a departure from the category’s usual marketing approach, which was “often perceived as too functional,” admitted Stoffers.

Breaking on Monday, the ad focuses on the Hyrdo razor’s ‘fun over functionality’ and will highlight its skin-hydrating credentials and gel reservoir feature by showing a variety of people being splashed by water each time a man shaves.

It will be supported with print, online and outdoor advertising.

Hydro is expected to clock up £38m in first-year sales and double Wilkinson Sword’s market share, claiming closeness in ­shaving technology had reached its zenith and that tackling irritation was more important.