Targeted primarily at 16 to 35-year-olds, Xtreme lll Beauty offered a slightly different proposition from Gillette’s Venus ­ which was replaceable rather than disposable ­ but the company viewed Venus as Xtreme lll’s main rival. A variant of its successful Xtreme lll for men, Wilkinson Sword claimed it was a “one-stop shaving solution for women on a par with with men’s products.” It boasted triple-blade technology for a closer shave and an aloe and lanolin moisturising strip, while the ergonomically designed’ lightweight handle was made specifically for women to give them extra grip’ and better control. Sales Information Resources has recorded sales of £565k for Xtreme lll Beauty in the year ending May 19, 2002 across all outlets. It says the whole razors and blades category is worth £223m, with the women’s share totalling £42.8m. The company says “We’re delighted that consumers love our female products. “Our growth shows that we are driving the female disposables market. In the 10 months since launch, Xtreme lll Beauty has captured 18.2% of the sector.” {{P&P }}