Two Welsh dairy farmers have developed a range of yoghurt drinks, claiming they are the only producers in the sector to have full control of the drinks ‘from grass to glass’.

Will and Jamie’s Fresh Yoghurt Drinks, which are being rolled out to independents in South Wales now, come in Mango & Ginger, Seasonal Fruits and Blueberry. Each 250ml bottle is priced £1.39. They plugged a gap in the market for an affordable yet upmarket offering, said farmer Jamie Adams, who set up Culture Drinks in partnership with fellow farmer Will Prichard two years ago.

“Our uniqueness in the market is that we control the product from the moment the cow eats the grass in Pembrokeshire until the moment the bottle lands up in front of a customer,” said Adams. “With our £1.39 price tag, compared with the average of £1.99 from our competitors, it also gives consumers value for money.”