Wine knowledge does not necessarily improve with age, according to recent research - particularly when it comes to UK shoppers.

Wine Intelligence's WineNation research, commissioned by Constellation Europe, surveyed 3,000 respondents across 23 stores and broke down shopper behaviour and wine knowledge into seven segments.

Of the 19 million wine drinkers who drink wine at least two to three times a month at home, only 4% make up the 'expert' segment - even though this level accounts for 10% of the total spent on wine.

Knowledge levels were generally very low, according to senior vice president Dan Townsend. He said that, if retailers could convert one of the seven segments into another, such as 'Newbies' into 'Routiners', the monthly wine spend of this group could increase by 250%. However, if retailers failed to capture this entry group's interest, consumers could drop out of the wine category altogether. "If we look at the migration patterns and how consumers develop their association with wine, it is clear that if the industry and retailers did more to engage and educate consumers and make wine relevant, the more they would be prepared to spend."