The volume of wine bottled in the UK has increased 54% over the past year, according to a report from government-funded body the Waste & Resources Action Programme (Wrap).

Wine transported in bulk and then bottled in the UK has suffered in the past from the consumer perception that it is lower quality than estate-bottled wine.

However, Wrap has been pushing for wine to be bottled this way via its Glassrite project, established in 2006.

"As well as cutting glass waste this approach also improves the industry's carbon emissions profile and cuts transport and energy costs," said Wrap head of retail Andy Dawe.

The move has also resulted in an extra 20,000 tonnes of lightweight glass bottles being produced in the UK, which has led to an additional 14,000 tonnes of recycled glass being used, according to Wrap figures.

The news follows reports of a Europe-wide shortage of glass bottles, which has resulted in some wineries struggling to source bottles in time for this year's harvest. However, no shortage of bottles has been reported in the UK, according to British Glass.

"By encouraging the industry to import wine in bulk and bottle it in the UK, we are cutting the amount of green glass entering our recycling systems. It also promotes the use of lighter bottles," said Dawe.

The industry has recently been praised for cutting its carbon footprint by using lighter glass and new packaging formats.