The UK wine industry has reacted with fury to this week’s C4 Dispatches What’s in Your Wine? The programme, fronted by The Sun’s Jane Moore, said the industry was duping consumers by using up to 40 additives in wines and not putting a full ingredient list on labels.

Pernod Ricard, owner of the Jacob’s Creek range that was highlighted, accused the programme makers of “sensationalising ingredients used by many reputable wine makers, many of which are natural products such as ascorbic acid, which is in fact vitamin C”.

Most of the companies included have reacted with equal vitriol, accusing the programme of not explaining the winemaking process. “What were presented as dubious practices are in fact integral to how wine is made,” said one. Industry body the WSTA said compulsory ingredient labelling would cost the industry €1bn over three years.

“EU regulations spell out the ingredients permitted and the amounts allowed,” said a spokesman.