Robert Wiseman has announced a 0.6p per litre price cut for raw milk following recent reductions from competitors. From March 1, Wiseman will pay suppliers 19.85p per litre ­ with a further cut likely in April. Zenith currently pays 18.78p, Milk Group 18.2p, and Express Dairies 20p. Dairy Crest would not disclose its prices. Wiseman milk procurement director Pete Nicholson said collapsing prices paid for milk products on the commodity markets along with poor bulk cream prices and cuts from competitors made the reduction inevitable: "We have no option but to realign our price to ensure that we remain competitive. "However, Robert Wiseman fully understands the importance of maintaining a viable dairy production sector in the UK and we will continue to ensure that our milk price is at the upper end of the scale in comparison to our competitors." l Wiseman is midway through a three-month trial with Sainsbury to prove its mettle in terms of product quality and operational efficiency. {{NEWS }}