Robert Wiseman Dairies is dabbling in politics in an effort to publicise its milk.

The Scottish milk processor is introducing limited-edition election cartons of milk in the run-up to Scottish elections on 3 May. Labels urge shoppers to 'vote milk' and feature election rosettes in the colours of each of the political parties, along with a smiling cartoon cow.

"We are always keen to try something different and break away from the traditional mould when it comes to milk marketing," said Sandy Wilkie, Wiseman's sales and marketing director.

The special cartons will go into shops on Monday (16 April) and stay on sale until polling day.

"This is, of course, one of the busiest times in the political calendar, and what better way to remind people of the election day than with these limited edition cartons?"

At the last Holyrood elections in 2003, fewer than half of Scotland's voters went to the ballot box.