Sir; All of us who are striving to uphold the proud reputation of English farm-made cheese will be saddened to hear that Richard Hares is closing down his creamery (The Grocer, last week). His Cheshire cheese was unrivalled ­ and that's why he's been supreme champion at Nantwich Cheese Fair. And yet he finds his market has disappeared. In Yorkshire, fortunately, markets are growing for specialist cheeses ­ but their makers have to be prepared to adapt, diversify and innovate. My company, Shepherds Purse, specialises in sheep milk cheese, particularly blue cheese, which was the traditional Wensleydale of the Middle Ages. We have increased our outlets from a few small delis and specialist cheese shops and are now stocked by three of the major supermarket chains, and are on the menu on Concorde and at luxury hotels. This has been achieved by constant effort, both in the dairy here on the farm and by our marketing team. We have also been prepared to innovate and produce special cheeses, ranging from Creme Cafe to Yorkshire Feta. Consultation with our stockists, with restaurateurs and chefs who use our products for cooking, and listening to our customers helps us adapt our products to demand. I am not the only cheesemaker in Yorkshire who is successful, as anyone who visited the Yorkshire Pantry tent at the Great Yorkshire Show will testify. Judy Bell Managing director Shepherds Purse Cheeses {{LETTERS }}