Del Monte wants consumers to take a fresh look at its World Fruit ambient juice brand with the addition of four new exotic blends.
The fresh produce giant, which has been stepping up its innovation in the past few months in a bid to gain a stronger brand identity, is launching Indian Mango & Papaya, New Zealand Gold Kiwi, Persian Pomegranate and Chinese Mandarin &
Lychee (rsp: £1.19 for 1l). The company said consumers were demanding more authenticity and unusual flavours in the drinks category.
New packaging for the World Fruit range aims to project a more premium image and the range will be supported with a marketing programme later in the year. Del Monte is also promising further NPD in juice.
Del Monte product manager Sarah Swindell said: “There is still real growth potential in the ambient juice category and by offering unusual yet compelling ingredients that capture consumer imagination we will carry on leading the ambient juice market.”