The Wrigley Company is arming itself for battle in the gum sector by bringing out new products and packaging formats, and repositioning established brands.

The developments follow last week's announcement that Cadbury Schweppes is to bring the Trident brand back to the UK next year, expecting to make a significant impact on the Wrigley-dominated market.

Wrigley's new lines include liquid centre versions of Extra Ice chewing gum and Hubba Bubba bubblegum, while 30-year-old sugar-free brand Orbit is being relaunched as an oral care proposition called Orbit Complete.

Launching early in the new year, Extra Ice with Liquid Burst will target the teenage market with a ten-stick pack retailing at 49p and Hubba Bubba Glob will appear in a 45p tube in strawberry and apple flavours.

Orbit Complete contains zylitol, which proclaims plaque-reducing benefits, as well as teeth-cleaning and breath-freshening properties. Rolling out to multiple retailers now, with independent listings set to follow, the peppermint, spearmint and strong mint flavours come in an envelope pack of 14 sticks for 59p, while freshmint will be available in a 10-pellet blister pack.

The activity also includes a new £2.29 60-pellet bottle for the Extra gum brand, featuring a dual pouring mechanism. Managing director Gharry Eccles said it was a first for the UK and was ideal for storage in the car or at work.