Wrigley is targeting urban trendsetters with the launch of its US chewing gum brand 5 in the UK.

The three-strong range will roll out across UK retailers from June following "huge sales success" in the US, where it has been available since 2007 and is currently the second-most popular brand after Wrigley Extra [Nielsen].

Named after the five senses, 5 contained a 'unique tingling sensate substance' that stimulated the senses and maintained flavour for up to 20 minutes, Wrigley claimed.

The sugar-free range will be available in Cobalt Cooling Peppermint, Electro Tingling Spearmint and Pulse Crisp Tropical variants, each packaged in embossed black gloss packaging.

Wrigley marketing director Toby Baker said that a summer campaign of television, cinema and press advertising would target the style-conscious iPod generation.

"We want to get 5 into the hands of those consumers who like cutting-edge lifestyle products," he said. "Our intention was to create a gum people would be happy to show off on their desk next to their iPod or mobile."

With 12 indvidually wrapped sticks per pack, 5 will retail for a premium 97p - making it Wrigley's priciest pack of gum.

"Although we are in recession, the price point should not be a barrier," Baker said.

"We have spent a lot of money and time on research to understand consumers are willing to pay more for a premium badge brand like 5."

The range will also be available in twin multi-packs, rsp £1.79.