Birds Eye Wall's plans to compete head on with ice cream versions of confectionery brands ­ such as Mars and Cadbury ­ with its new Magnum Caramel & Nuts. It has a caramel centre covered in vanilla ice cream and covered with Magnum chocolate, peanuts and wheat crispies. Targeted at young men, it is aiming to compete in the snacking segments of the ice cream and confectionery markets. A £750,000 press and radio campaign will run in July, including ads in the August editions of magazines aimed at the young male target audience. This activity is part of the £7.5m Year of the Magnum' campaign to support the brand this year. The main Magnum campaign is currently running on posters, TV, press and direct mail. Since the change in rulesgoverning freezer exclusivity, the ice cream market has become even more dynamic and cutthroat. Wall's trading director Colin Alder said: "Magnum Caramel & Nuts positions the brand as suitable for different snacking opportunities, targets parallel markets and offers good margins." He added: "This latest extension to the brand moves Magnum onto this as yet untapped market segment which shows how we are driving the market through innovation." Magnum Caramel & Nuts is available from June 12. Rsp: 65p. {{P&P }}