Children’s fromage frais brand Petits Filous has moved into the yoghurt category for the first time in its 20-year history.
Petits Filous Fruity Smooth Yoghurt is the first yoghurt made under the Petits Filous banner and marks a move by Yoplait Dairy Crest to widen the brand’s appeal among older children. It comes in 4x100g pots (rsp: £1.48) and is aimed at four to nine-year-olds.
The wholemilk yoghurt, which comes in strawberry and raspberry flavours, is made using fruit purée rather than fruit chunks, in keeping with the brand’s traditional smooth and creamy texture.
The packaging is also closely linked with the Petits Filous name, carrying the brand’s logo and swirl, but with clear yoghurt communication in order to differentiate it from fromage frais.
The launch is being backed by a £1m TV campaign that will run throughout May and June as well as sampling and price promotions.