Noir de Bourgogne, a premium crème de cassis liqueur, has been launched into the UK.
The 20% abv Noir, distributed by Malcolm Cowen, is made from specially selected Bourgogne blackcurrants.
French liqueur maker Lejay-Lagoute created the crème de cassis liqueur in 1841 and has now developed a premium variant to meet the demand for a cassis liqueur that can be drunk on its own as well as marrying with Champagne to create a Kir Royal.
Pascal Gourmelen, Lejay-Lagoute European export manager, said: “Blackcurrant is one of the world’s favourite flavours. In Noir de Bourgogne you can feel the fruit.”
The lowest price for Stella on our testing day was in Tesco at 11p per 100ml - 1p more expensive than Somerfield’s cheapest price earlier this year. Tesco held the lowest price for a 1-litre Baileys at £10.87, higher than last year’s lowest price of £9.88 in Tesco and Asda. Somerfield has the best deal on Bell’s with £25 for 3x70cl bottles of either Bell’s, Baileys, Smirnoff or Gordon’s. Hardys has a similar price in all outlets.