Sir; I was very sorry to read the letter from Richard Leake (The Grocer, January 5) in which he said that one of our stores refused to honour an admatch' for Carling lager for his friend based on an article in The Grocer. Although the terms of admatch' do state that the advert should be brought in, the store concerned should have accepted the article and admatched the price of the Carling lager and I am sorry that this did not happen on this occasion. Our admatch policy is perfectly genuine and many of our customers take advantage of it every week. This means that our customers can have the best of both worlds ­ not only do they get the cheapest prices week in week out, they can also take advantage of other short-term price cuts. I would like Mr Leake to ask his friend to contact me, and I will make sure we put right our mistake. Philip Davies Customer service, Asda {{LETTERS }}