Young's, the UK's most passionate ambassador for seafood, is strengthening one of the UK's top frozen brands - its bestselling 'Chip Shop' range.

Young's Chip Shop is already the no 1 bestseller in battered fish and is being relaunched with a new 'It's Better For You' proposition. The revamped packs highlight that the products now contain less than 5% saturated fat, thanks to a new blend rich in sunflower oil, and that the fish provides a natural source of Omega-3. The products are designed to appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers as they use 100%-sustainable MSC-certified wild Alaskan pollock. The packs feature the Young's Fish for Life and MSC logo to communicate this.

Young's is offering 20 readers the chance to win £40 worth of vouchers to spend on Chip Shop. Send the form in!