Young's Seafood has this month started using revolutionary new packaging for its salmon that will reduce carbon emissions by about 78%, it claimed.

Young's has historically received fresh salmon from suppliers in polystyrene boxes. Now, in partnership with a new firm in Grimsby, it is piloting a 'green' alternative called Cool Blue Box.

The box is made from lightweight food grade polypropylene that can be sterilised at high temperature and repeatedly re-used. It is cooled by a reservoir of food-safe gel in the lid, which can be refrozen to at least -40C. Because it requires very little ice, there's room for more salmon in each box, allowing up to four tonnes of extra fish to be transported in each 40ft lorry.

"Cool Blue reduces carbon, eliminates waste and is better for the quality of the fish," said Young's manufacturing controller Tam Muldoon. "Plus, we get more traceability information with less paperwork."