Britain’s major seafood supplier Young’s Bluecrest has warned of higher prices at retail level.
It says that upward pressure on UK pricing is being driven by global pressure on supplies as a result of the increasing popularity of fish worldwide.
Mike Parker, deputy chief executive, said: “More people are eating more fish on a regular basis. This is due to positive factors such as the emphasis on healthy eating and the growing wealth of eastern European states and the Far East - where people are now consuming more fish than ever.”
Parker said that a history of meat scares had created a climate that helped encourage seafood consumption in the UK. But to say avian flu was driving up seafood sales “would be overstating the case”, he said. Parker added that improved regulation had tightened supply chains in some countries. “These things combined mean there is more demand for limited supply. We welcome the fact people are eating more fish, but they will need to get used to paying more for the privilege.”
Jim Cane, commercial director, said UK sales had grown by 12% overall in volume in the past two years, despite
Kit Davies