Food safety bosses are set to consider how to handle the issue of added water and proteins in poultry products.
The Food Standards Agency has published details of an open meeting on the issue, following recent claims that beef and pork proteins had been added to chicken products, some of which were sold as Halal.
The meeting concluded that further consumer awareness was needed as well as continued efforts to support vigorous enforcement both in the UK and the countries of origin.
As for limiting the water content on poultry products and banning the use of water binding proteins, there was strong support for zero tolerance on water added to all fresh poultry.
However the British Poultry Council said there was a technical case for using both water and proteins in processed products.
Rosemary Hignett, FSA head of labelling, said the Agency would now consider how to take things forward.
The meeting also revealed a strong feeling that any cap on water and ban on proteins should apply to all fresh meat products, although Hignett said that would need to involve further more detailed discussions with all stakeholders.