Pre-packs that zip up are becoming an increasingly popular option for packaging fragile fruit such as grapes, according to one producer.
China-based manufacturing group CCA Packaging said it was now supplying Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrisons with the packs.
A spokesman for CCA said the zip-up packs not only made handling on the shelf easier but had also reduced wastage, which has traditionally been a significant problem for the grape sector.
Meanwhile, a black grape called Sable Seedless, developed by US breeder Sun World, has reportedly performed so well in trials in South Africa that it is already being hailed as a winner.
Besides its taste, the Sable Seedless is being tipped for success because it meets growing demand for seedless fruit. The black grapes available until now have been seeded.
Commercial production of the variety is expected to be possible in two years, although there will be some limited experimental exports this winter, said growers.