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What's Gold Membership?

Supporting your everyday business decisions

In-depth analysis

In-depth analysis

Sharpen your knowledge to keep you ahead!

  • Keep a close eye on the next trends and opportunities
  • Be aware of changes in legislation and understand the impact on you and your business
  • Know more about your competitors – what are their next steps? What should yours be?
Newsletter briefings

Newsletter briefings

The information you need delivered straight to your inbox. We’ll alert you to important developments in the areas that matter to you.

Grocer 33

Grocer 33

Track price, inflation and promotion to help you monitor what’s happening in retail. Who’s discounting? What promotions are on? Even exclusive views on our mystery shoppers’ experiences in store at the leading supermarkets. We do the work, so you don’t have to!

Category and sector reports

Category and sector reports

Really get to grips with what’s shaping your sector or get full insight into your chosen category. Explore the latest sales, trends, brand performance and market share analysis with our suite of reports.

The Grocer - How you need it

The Grocer – How you need it

Choose digital only for access to, the App and your choice of newsletters. Or upgrade to the full package and receive the weekly magazine too.

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