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Whether it’s an interview with an industry figure making waves, looking at the next trend to revolutionise the supply chain or what’s happening to pricing, The Grocer gives you insight into your industry.


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Stay close to your peers with commentary, blogs and interviews. Learn how they are developing their brands, categories and marketing.

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We commission the research so you don’t have to, saving you £1000s when you start adding up the cost of all our category, analysis and ranking reports.


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Access The Grocer whether on the move or at your desk, enabling you to know what is happening wherever you are, never miss an opportunity.

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What makes The Grocer different?

Unique analysis

Forget a headline; The Grocer gives you so much more. Delve into how the latest announcement affects you and your business.

Hard-hitting issues

There is no shying away from the hard hitting issues affecting the way you work – The Grocer specialists get to the nitty gritty and ask the difficult questions and lobby for government change.

Hear from leaders in their field

With our expansive contact list – we know who to call. With access to key decision makers, from top exec’s, consultants to the shop floor.


There is no other information source with the breath of the whole market in the depth covered by The Grocer. Full coverage from gate to plate and beyond.


We are completely independent, with no agenda. You get unbiased information on your industry.


Get trusted experts in fmcg with The Grocer. Being in this industry for over 155 years (but who’s counting) you learn a thing or two. Not to mention, the number of awards cluttering the office...

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"The Grocer provides such a comprehensive review of the market that I hardly use other sources of information now. It’s a guru for sales, marketing, and senior managers alike."

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"As a fast-moving and insight driven business The Grocer is essential to our understanding of the marketplace for fast moving consumer goods in the UK and beyond. You help us grasp what’s going on out there!"

Principal Director, Harrogate

"The Grocer is recognised as the Grocery 'Bible' and an essential read to keep up with movements in the industry in general."

Business Development Director, London