Asda has emerged victorious in our first-ever Christmas G33 survey comparing the prices of festive fare and non-food, including gifts and wrapping paper, across the big four.

It was a close fought fight and its £112.92 trolley of festive goods was only 52p less than Morrisons' but that 52p was enough to secure it the title of cheapest supermarket for Christmas shopping.

The multiple offered 12 of the lowest prices on the list, collated earlier this week, undercutting its rivals on the price of many of the festive non-food items. Its paper napkins, Christmas crackers, poinsettia plant and tinsel were the cheapest on the list, and so were festive staples such as the frozen whole turkey, Mr Kipling mince pies and satsumas.

Morrisons had five of the cheapest items on the list including the Aunt Bessie roast potatoes, on a long-running half-price promotion at 82p. The retailer also offered the lowest prices for mature Cheddar and milk chocolate Brazils. Though its satsumas were 10p more expensive than Asda's, they were 200g heavier. But it was the prices of its non-food items that really made the difference with the top chart CD and DVD coming in at a whopping £1.78 and £3.74 lower respectively than at Asda.

Tesco's £117.98 basket contained three of the cheapest items on the list. These were the box of 30 Christmas cards, Harvey's Bristol Cream and the wrapping paper, which was 64p less than Asda's. It managed to match or undercut Asda on 16 items but the carving knife and Christmas crackers were £2.55 and £2.01 more expensive respectively, ramping up its total.

Sainsbury's premium products are usually ranked more expensive in the regular G33 pricing survey, so it isn't surprising to discover that its £124.02 Christmas total was the most expensive on the list.

It could not compete with its rivals on the carving knife, which was more than £3 more expensive than Asda's. However, it managed to match or undercut Asda on nine items and its drinks products were as cheap as Asda's.