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features list 2019

The Grocer Features List 2019

Welcome to The Grocer’s 2019 Features List. To download the list, with information on upcoming features and our advertising rates, click here. To see the synoposes for upcoming features, click here.

William Reed Food Show

Focus On William Reed Food & Drink Shows: 6 April

How can retailers and brands appease the conscious consumer? Today’s shoppers are increasingly aware of the raft of sustainability issues within the food and drink industry


Focus On Newstrade: 27 April

Newstrade is evolving. Just a couple of decades ago, newstrade was a booming area of corner shops and supermarkets.

Canned food

Focus On Ambient & Canned: 20 April

You’d be hard pushed to find a food or drink category that isn’t nervously awaiting a fallout from Britain’s (supposed) exit from the EU. 

soft drinks

Focus On Soft Drinks: 27 April

How things can change in a year. Last April, the government’s long-awaited levy on sugary soft drinks came into force. 

Bagged snacks

Focus On Crisps, Nuts and Snacks: 13 April

From fast-paced M&A activity to a raft of new healthy crisp alternatives, the world of snacking is hotting up


Focus On Beauty, Sun & Holiday: 6 April

Who says it takes money to look a million dollars? Brits love a bargain, and that’s especially true when it comes to beauty.


Focus On Yoghurts: 30 March

“We’re not attracting enough younger consumers, and we’re not making it easy enough for consumers to understand the health benefits of the category.” This insight inspired one brand to shake up the market 


Focus on Barbecue: 23 March

Barbecue cuisine is getting exotic. Taking their lead from out-of-home players, Brits are now looking for more than a plain burger and a bun to put on the barbie.

glass of water

Focus On Bottled Water: 16 March

Tap water is making a comeback. Thanks to the rise of trendy water bottles – alongside innovations designed for tap water – the nation’s mistrust of our water supply is waning. 

Halo Foods cereal bars

Focus on Snack Bars: 9 March

Talk about a crowded market. It seems barely a day goes by without the arrival of a new snack bar claiming to offer the holy grail of great taste alongside solid health credentials.

Iced coffee

Focus on Dairy Drinks: 9 March

Iced coffee is booming. Boosted by the scorching summer of 2018, sales totalled over £4m in the four peak weeks in July

ice creams

Focus On Ice Cream: 2 March

Investors, take note. The hottest property in the food and drink market could be hiding in the freezers. For ice cream has emerged as a hotbed of investment activity over the past year. 


Focus On Juices and Smoothies: 23 February

Juice is getting functional. From collagen concoctions that promise a youthful glow, to blends that claim to deliver a boost to your immune system, the benefits of juice are becoming just as important as the taste.

Baby food

Focus on Infant and Childcare: 16 February

Baby food is getting exotic with such adventurous fare as a chicken katsu curry, lamb tagine and sweet and sour chicken dishes for toddlers

asda just eat pizza and sides deal

Focus on Pizza: 16 February

Supermarkets are looking to grab a slice of the Friday night takeaway. Can they reap rewards from partnerships with the likes of Deliveroo and Just Eat?


Focus on E-cigarettes and Vaping: 9 February

Vaping is taking centre stage at the supermarkets. No longer tucked behind a kiosk, sleek new products are moving out into standalone fixtures designed to create maximum in-store impact. 

ethical trading

Focus on Ethical Trading: 2 February

Are too many cooks spoiling the Fairtrade broth? Retail chiefs have warned the increasing number of ethical schemes are potentially muddying shopper decision making

Cooking tomato sauce

Focus on Cooking Sauces: 2 February

Gone are the days when a cooking sauce was simply a jar to slosh over your stir fry. Today, the very definition of a cooking sauce is changing


Focus on Household and Paper Products: 26 January

Cleaning is getting conscientious. In a bid to appeal to shopper motivations beyond price, brands and retailers have stepped up their environmental credentials. 


Focus on Cereals: 19 January

A new wave of healthy breakfasts are making their way into the aisles, from smoothie bowls to quark concoctions