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Features list 2020

The Grocer Features List 2020

Daniel Selwood (editorial)

breakfast unsplash

​Focus On Breakfast & Brunch: 8 August

Brits have hardly been on the move of late. So how have on-the-go breakfast options performed during lockdown?

halloween unsplash

​Focus On Halloween: 1 August

Halloween will happen this year. But how? Neither retailers nor brands know whether social distancing will still be in place in October.


​Focus On Cheese: 25 July

Lockdown’s closure of the foodservice and hospitality sectors meant nervous times for cheesemakers – but happier ones are in the offing

baking dough

​Focus On Home Baking: 25 July

How fancy have Brits’ home-baked goods become? After nearly three months being stuck indoors what sort of things are people making?

big beard

​Focus On Male Grooming: 18 July

Male grooming is facing a sea change. For one, beards are making a major comeback


​Focus On Free-From: 11 July

Is free-from still in demand during Covid-19? Before lockdown, the category was a byword for healthy eating


Focus On Lunchboxes & Back To School: 4 July

How has Covid-19 changed the definition of a working lunch? And what is the future of lunchboxes for kids?

hand sanitiser

Focus On Hygiene Products: 27 June

Cleanliness is key in the fight against coronavirus. So, it’s no surprise hygiene products have been in huge demand

china tea unsplash

​Focus On Ethical Trading: 27 June

Ethical trading has arguably never been more important. As coronavirus sweeps the globe, farmers and growers need to be paid fairly to tackle fresh challenges

night in - Unsplash

Focus On Big Night In: 20 June

With bars and restaurants closed, the big night in is Brits’ only opportunity to carouse

Energy drink Red Bull

Focus On Energy Drinks: 13 June

Quarantine fatigue is real. How can energy brands help housebound Brits feel lively again?

olive oil Unsplash

Focus On Oils: 6 June

Cooking oil is facing a torrid time. It’s working hard to keep up with demand since Covid-19 took hold


Focus On Frozen Food: 30 May

The frozen food category was making a steady comeback. Then it accelerated at breakneck speed amid coronavirus-sparked stockpiling

pills - Unsplash (1)

Focus On Healthcare & Supplements: 23 May

The coronavirus has led to skyrocketing demand for supplements. Packs of vitamin D and vitamin C are flying off shelves

healthier snacking - Unsplash (1)

Focus On Healthier Snacking: 23 May

Healthy snacks were booming. And then Covid-19 hit. In response, locked-down Brits turned to traditional bagged snacks for comfort

butter spread

​Focus On Butters & Spreads: 16 May

As the UK settled into lockdown, Celebrity Bake Off hit TV, followed by Easter. This triple-whammy inspired confined Brits to bake with abandon

functional juices

Focus On Functional Food and Drink: 16 May

The coronavirus has made health a higher priority than ever. That means extra demand for products with added benefits


Focus On Bread: 9 May

Getting our daily bread isn’t as easy as it used to be. As coronavirus fears hit home in March, bread was one of the items that fell victim to stockpiling

soft drink

Focus on Soft Drinks: 2 May

Soft drinks have overcome the headache of the sugar tax to face a very different challenge: the coronavirus crisis

Canned food

Focus On Canned and Ambient: 25 April

Brits are going stockpiling mad – which means fresh interest in the ambient aisle