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features list 2019

The Grocer Features List 2019

Welcome to The Grocer’s 2019 Features List. To download the list, with information on upcoming features and our advertising rates, click here. To see the synoposes for upcoming features, click here.

Alcoholic drinks

Focus On Adult Soft Drinks: 7 December

Ordering a G&T isn’t as simple as it used to be. Bars have an array of gins to cater for every imaginable preference. And the adult soft drink market is determined to make the tonic just as important in the equation.

Focus On Food To Go: 30 November

On the face of it, there is little to complain about in food to go. Sales are up a whopping £721.3m this year, with the vast majority of sectors in growth. 

top products

Top Products 2019: 14 December

Editorial inclusion by invitation and via submission until 8 November


Focus On Fish: 9 November

Fish is flying. An additional 250,000 shoppers bought into the market in the past year, leading to a near £50m sales gain. 

Cheese 1

Focus On Cheese: 23 November

Brits are gorging on cheese. An extra £65m worth of the stuff went through the tills this year, fuelling 167 million more consumption occasions. 

World cuisine

Focus On World Cuisine: 9 November

Brits are becoming quite the seasoned travellers. And seasonings are proving the passport to new destinations. 

Vegan pic

Focus On Plant-Based: 2 November

Vegans are an ethical bunch. As a group staunchly gunning for animal welfare, you’d imagine they’re not falling over themselves to hand over their cash to a company that sells largely animal-based products.

Personal Care

Focus On Toiletries and Personal Care: 26 October

Looking good has never been more important to Brits. So much so that plastic surgery rates are on the rise – and ‘tweakments’ are becoming commonplace.


Focus On Pasta and Pasta Sauces: 3 November

Say hello to penny-saving penne and spendthrift spaghetti. Because pasta has emerged as the inflation-busting food of the year.

Plant based pet care

Focus On Petcare: 19 October

Meet the plant-based pet. Yes, our furry friends are the latest to embrace the vegan craze.

Natural food

Focus On Protein: 19 October

Demand for protein is taking a turn for the more natural, and grocery is moving quickly to provide. 

Alcoholic drinks

Focus On Alcoholic Drinks: 5 October

Alcohol in a tin is one of the bastions of British culture. So much so that Diane Abbott received a boost to her popularity after drinking a tinned mojito on a train


Focus On Cakes and Biscuits: 12 October

Brits are going cake bar crazy. The grab-and-go format has enjoyed double-digit sales growth over the past year, leaving other formats trailing behind. 


Focus On Meat: 5 October

Brits bought an extra 11.9 million kg of fresh meat this year, helped along by average price decreases


Focus On Confectionery: 28 September

Dark chocolate is on the rise and Brits are turning to sugary confectionery to sweeten the pain of Brexit

sports nutrition

Focus On Sports Nutrition: 21 September

Traditional, scientific-looking sports nutrition brands are losing out to more modern offerings. So can they get back their mojo?

natural winter remedy

Focus On Winter Remedies: 14 September

Tablets are old news. Or at least they are in the world of winter remedies

Coffee pod

Focus On: Hot Beverages & Cold Brew

Are consumers ditching the pod for ground and instant coffee? And does cold brew have a hot future ahead?


Dairymen 2019: 14 September

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