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Features list 2020

The Grocer Features List 2020

Welcome to The Grocer’s 2020 Features List. To download the list, with information on upcoming features and our advertising rates, click here. To see the synopses for upcoming features, click here.

functional juices

Focus On Functional Food and Drink: 16 May

The coronavirus has made health a higher priority than ever. That means extra demand for products with added benefits


Focus On Bread: 9 May

Getting our daily bread isn’t as easy as it used to be. As coronavirus fears hit home in March, bread was one of the items that fell victim to stockpiling

soft drink

Focus on Soft Drinks: 2 May

Soft drinks have overcome the headache of the sugar tax to face a very different challenge: the coronavirus crisis

Canned food

Focus On Canned and Ambient: 25 April

Brits are going stockpiling mad – which means fresh interest in the ambient aisle


Focus On Crisps, Nuts and Bagged Snacks: 18 April

Brands have been busy bringing out new flavours and variants. But is this coming at the expense of their core portfolio?

low and no

Focus on Low and No Alcohol: 11 April

Low alcohol is reaping high rewards. But can it continue its stellar rate of growth?


Focus On Yoghurts and Pot Desserts: 11 April

Low-fat yoghurt has shed the pounds once again. Can it fight back?


Focus On Beauty, Sun & Holiday: 4 April

Is Generation Z the secret to reviving the beauty market? 


Focus On Barbecue: 28 March

Welcome to the clean eating barbecue. Burgers may still be the mainstay of the barbie, but UK consumers are increasingly turning to healthier options 

water bottle

Focus On Bottled Water: 21 March

Bottled water is losing its, ahem, bottle. After years of consecutive growth, the market has fallen more than £34m. 


Focus On Dairy Drinks: 14 March

Health credentials pay off. At least, that seems to be the case for dairy drinks, which gained £13.4m in the past year.

Snack bars

Focus On Snack Bars: 14 March

The snack bar market is drowning in a sea of health claims. Products are boasting everything from low fat to high fibre – and until now, they have been reaping the rewards. 


Focus On Juices & Smoothies: 7 March

In the world of juices and smoothies, health is by far the most pressing issue. 

beer cider

Focus on Beer and Cider: 29 February

At last, a reason to feel good about cracking open a beer. Because brands are embarking on a major sustainability drive

Ice cream1

Focus On Ice Cream: 29 February

Who needs the sunshine? Ice cream brands have racked up yet another year of growth, despite facing some tough comparable from the scorching summer of 2018.

working together

The Goodness Issue: 29 February

The Grocer is proud to announce The Goodness Issue, a special edition of The Grocer devoted to the industry’s pioneering efforts to do good


Focus On Pizza: 22 February

Look out, pepperoni! The classic pizza topping faces new competition as veggie and vegan options are on the rise from both brands and own-label. 

Cigarettes (2)

Focus On Tobacco & Accessories: 15 February

This year will be a crucial one for tobacco. From May, the sale of menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco will be banned in a bid to deter young people from taking up smoking. 


Focus On Vaping: 15 February

What a year for vaping. In the UK, the industry is going from strength to strength – culminating in a near 25% rise to value sales in the past year.

Infant care

Focus On Infant & Childcare: 8 February

Britain’s birth rate is at an all-time low. Baby food, healthcare, toiletries and wipes have all taken a hit to volumes.