Canned goods have an image problem, especially when it comes to attracting younger consumers (just take a look at our consumer research for further proof). So we’ve asked creative agency Doner to come up with three ideas to draw younger consumers into the canned goods aisles.

“All three are designed to get people to think differently about canned goods,” says Charles Rowe, head of design at Doner. “One is about raising the bar and improving people’s perceptions and expectations, the second is a tongue-in-cheek approach to food combinations, and the third is about fitting in with current culture and language by using pictures instead of words.”

Here’s what they came up with…


It doesn’t get much sexier than this but will it get consumers to swipe right on canned goods? Playing on the popularity of a certain dating app, Tin-der teams sexy food combos in two cans that fit on top of each other. Spicy & Sweet and Pure & Naughty are just a few of the tempting combinations offered by theTin-Der concept.

“We wanted the design to resonate with younger consumers and to raise awareness of canned foods so we linked it with things that are popular among younger generations,” explains Rowe. “We took inspiration from the likes of Fruit Corner – mixing two types of food together in one format – as well as taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to food combos and relationships.”

This is just a smattering of the potential locked up in this brand. “There are loads of opportunities in viral marketing for a product such as this,” adds Rowe.

One such example is the Tin-Der app. “With the app we can be a bit more risqué,” he says, “but ultimately it’s about playing on the images, which could then lead to further recipe ideas based on the two foods in Tin-Der. The app is all about taking the product back to its origins.”

For an added kick (or should that be kink?) Doner has created Grindr – an undeniably phallic pepper grinder, which consumers would receive by collecting Tin-Der coupons. Oo-er missus!  

Hes-tin Blumenthal

Posh nosh in a tin: that sums up Doner’s second creation. While the rest of grocery has been premiumising to the max, canned has arguably lagged behind. Until now… enter Hes-tin Blumenthal

“British canned favourites such as sausage & beans get the Heston treatment as he creates his own unique range of tinned produce,” says Rowe. “This range is all about introducing tinned food to a more sophisticated audience. Normally canned food is all about the basics but we wanted to make it more than that and tap the premium trend.”

It may be more sophisticated but Rowe insists the idea is still simple and effective. “In short, it’s like Ronseal – it does exactly what it says on the tin.”


Smiley face, pile of poo, love heart, coffee mug. You can’t send a text these days without getting a selection of cute images and smileys in return. Doner wants to take this attitude into grocery by eradicating words on canned goods such as chicken soup, tinned cherries and chocolate desserts through a range of simple but effective designs.

“Emojis are the new language – it’s a language of images, which most people use these days when they’re texting - they’re just putting emojis,” says Rowe. “There isn’t an emoji for a can so by putting this into the world we are creating it.”

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