Sir;Your story on regionally produced dairy products being more popular than organic implied the consumer has to make a choice between the two when in fact most UK organic brands have been propagated from small-scale local roots ('Consumers pick local produce over organic', The Grocer, 2 February, p50). Consumers across the country are enjoying a better choice of local organic foods than ever before. Farmers markets, community retailers and high streets are still a great place to find local organic foods but the multiples are also doing a great job at presenting the best food with real provenance. Retailers such as Sainsbury's have supported these local organic lines with regional listings, some as small as one line in one store. Through this, brands such as mine have established a local following before gaining wider store listings and increasing product availability. It is true that all consumers understand the concept of local. However, it is the responsibility of the brand owner to use intelligent pack design and language to unpin this message and, where relevant, to convey the core values of organic food.