of pizza A new £1.5m TV and radio campaign for Schwan's Chicago Town Pizza kicks off on June 4. The TV ad features an American pizza enthusiast extolling the virtues of the Chicago Town brand in a face-to-face infomercial' style. He focuses on the products' cooking versatility and deep dish shape. "His American accent reinforces the brand's authentic American credentials," said a spokesman. The ad will break during Coronation Street and 10, 20 and 30 second versions will run for four weeks. There are four different 40 second radio ads, all featuring the TV ad frontman's voice, which will run on big city FM stations across the UK. The integrated campaign targets pizza lovers who want convenience. Schwan's aims to grow the frozen pizza category by increasing existing consumers' consumption and by stealing share from fresh chilled pizza. Schwan's has added two limited edition variants, Veg Out! and Beef Sizzler, to its Chicago Town 13cm/5" deep dish range. {{MARKETING - P&P }}