sensodyne deep clean gel

GSK has launched toothpaste Sensodyne Deep Clean Gel, supported by a £500,000 media spend.

Available from September, the new product follows the simplification of the range in September 2015, which was designed to prevent shopper confusion.

The new toothpaste provides advanced cleaning, in an effort by the brand to encourage shoppers to use a sensitive toothpaste every day (rsp: £3.49/75ml).

Supporting the launch will be the media investment, which will run from September to December, and will include digital media support, a targeted shopper plan and a sampling partnership with Stylist magazine.

“We are thrilled to be launching Sensodyne Deep Clean Gel into the oral care market and with 95% of consumers liking Deep Clean after they’ve tried it, we are excited to see the consumer response,” said Hannah Gentleman, marketing manager for Sensodyne.

“Toothpaste is an everyday essential, so it is crucial that the products we provide to our shoppers answer genuine needs.”