Simon Mowbray
Kraft is slashing the salt content of its Dairylea Lunchables kids’ range by a further 10% to keep pace with consumer expectations, the company has revealed.
It is also ditching the range’s usual sugar-added drinks, biscuits and chocolate bars in favour of pure orange juice and yogurt, while clearer labelling will highlight energy, sugar, fat and salt levels on the back of packs.
The move comes on the back of a 30% salt reduction over the past two years.
Revamped packs will continue to offer the usual mix of meat, cheese and bread or crackers. But the brand is bidding farewell to the dual-branding strategy in which
Coca-Cola’s Capri-Sun, Kraft’s Suchard Milka chocolate and its own Dime confectionery offering were included in the packs.
As a result of the revamp, a typical 130g pack’s calorie content will drop by 5% to just over 400 calories, sugar will be down by a fifth to 27g and salt will fall to 1.8g.
But although the packs’ calorie intake is now well under a third of the daily amount recommended for four to six-year-olds by health experts, the salt and sugar levels will still exceed guideline levels.
According to the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, “a lot of salt” is 1.25g per 100g, while “a lot of sugar” is just 10g per 100g.
Jonathan Horrell, corporate affairs manager at Kraft, said that the company was still working towards reducing salt and sugar levels but that the company was already “at the limits” of technical food safety and meeting consumers’ taste demands. He added: “There are constraints.
“For example, salt is there for functional reasons, such as a preservative in cold meats, and that is often overlooked.”