Rare drama in otherwise sleepy Andover last week when a Rolls Royce ploughed into the local Tesco's windows, demolishing checkouts and terrifying shoppers - most of whom would only have seen such an impressive vehicle on Pimp My Ride.

First it was alleged the motorist, 50-year-old Robert Caton, had been refused alcohol after seeming worse for wear and subsequently ploughed his car into the shop frontage in a bid to demonstrate his sobriety. But the plot thickened when wife Deborah told the Daily Telegraph he was enraged after Tesco Direct delivered him a bed without a mattress - clear provocation in anyone's book for crashing your car into a busy biscuit aisle.

"I'm standing by Robert - he had a genuine complaint with Tesco," Deborah said, showing the kind of loyalty a million Clubcard points can't buy.

"We ordered a double bed, but when delivered it didn't include a mattress, which we thought we paid for. Robert saw the manager but he said there was nothing he could do."

Caton's now helping police with their enquiries, while Tesco's presumably looking at how on earth they ever persuaded someone with a car like that to trade down from Waitrose.