Tesco has admitted it is jumping on the low-carb bandwagon by launching a 40-strong own label range called Carb Control as it revamps its carb-busting range and fixture for the new year slimming season.
The supermarket giant had been rumoured to have been developing a range for many months, and in September The Grocer revealed it was trying to register Carb Conscious as a trademark (September 4, p12).
Tesco’s total low-carb range will comprise 180 products. This will include 60 branded lines, such as Nestlé’s low-carb Kit Kat and Rolo and the Atkins Nutritionals range.
There will also be 80 existing
own label lines naturally low in carbohydrates that will have their carb content flagged with a Carb Control sticker.
These lines will still be merchandised within the
mainstream category fixtures. In addition, there will be 40 new own label products, which are low or lower carb versions of their standard counterparts - including bakery, impulse and frozen lines. They will be merchandised in a new prominent Carb Control fixture in-store. The new ranges will be in 262 stores from January 3.
Brand leader Hamish Renton would not disclose the pricing levels of the new own label range, but said it would help to bring low-carb options to mainstream consumers.
He hinted the range would undercut existing branded lines, which have been criticised for their high pricing levels.
Tesco first raised awareness of the dietary role of carbohydrates by launching a Gi logo (Glycaemic Index) in June - a carbohydrate rating system that ranks foods depending on their effect on blood sugar levels.
Sean McAllister