Pret a Manger has launched Pret Delivers, a platform where customers can receive lunch platters, sandwiches and lunch items to their doorstep.

Businesses will be able to order platters and have them sent directly to their office,  benefiting from perks such as free delivery over £30, and same-day lunchtime delivery.

The platform can also set up employees with daily allowances, so they can order Pret from their desk.

Pret’s new platform has three tiers: Personal (‘picnics, parties, or family get-togethers’), Business, and Business+.

The Business+ option unlocks a breakfast and lunch package, where businesses can order on credit and pay for colleagues’ meals on the company account.

“I am thrilled to announce that after four years at Pret, we are launching something that’s been on my mind since day one: Pret Delivers,” said global digital director Anne-Sophie de Weck.

“The platform offers a seamless solution for businesses to order our fantastic platters for meetings and workshops as well as order breakfast and lunch.”

“We’re delighted to relaunch Pret Delivers for delicious breakfasts and lunches fresh from our kitchen to your door”, a Pret spokesperson said.

”Offering same-day lunchtime delivery, as well as click and collect, the new Pret Delivers is available on our website as a seamless solution for picnics and parties to meetings and workshops.”