Waitrose delivery

Source: Waitrose

The orders are delivered by van or cargo bike

Waitrose is to offer two-hour delivery outside London for the first time, introducing the service to Bath and Hove from next month.

The rapid delivery area has also expanded significantly in London, with the addition of 58 new postcode areas, bringing the total served to 98.

The service launched in September last year, initially in a selection of just eight postcode areas spread across the south west, west and centre of London. New areas now added include Battersea, High Street Kensington, Bayswater, Victoria and Kingston.

Bath and Hove are to get the service from 8 and 15 July respectively.

Customers can order up to 25 grocery items from a range of 2,000, including fresh sushi, at rapid.waitrose.com. The minimum basket value is £10 and there is a flat £5 delivery charge.

At checkout, customers choose either to have their order delivered within two hours or in a one-hour time slot later the same day.

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“Waitrose Rapid Delivery has had a really encouraging start, allowing us to provide even greater convenience and flexibility to work around shoppers’ busy lifestyles,” said Waitrose head of business development Nicola Waller.

“There is a growing number of customers who want to get their shopping as and when they want it, which gives us a great opportunity to continue testing the appetite for the service in new locations both inside and outside of London.”

The service can already reach 1.2 million households, according to Waitrose.

Orders are picked in stores by Waitrose staff and delivered by cargo bike or van by third party courier On the Dot.

On the Dot CEO Santosh Sahu said: “The huge popularity and take-up of the service echoes what we’re seeing across the grocery market - rapid and convenient delivery has become a key pillar in a shopper’s experience of a brand. Shoppers now expect a range of delivery options at the checkout.”