The first range is a Sizzle Kit including Creamy Makhani Curry and Yellow Thai Curry

The Flavourists, a startup plant-based meal kit brand, has launched its first new products into Waitrose.

The brand went on sale this month with two separate ranges: Sizzle Kits consisting of a Creamy Makhani Curry line and a Yellow Thai Curry line, and a Sizzle & Stir range consisting of a Sticky Teryaki SKU and a Herby Green Pesto line (rsp: £3.45 each).

Made from a combination of vegetables and spices for flavour and wheat and pea protein for texture, the brand will also go on sale in Ocado and Booths from May. All four of the meals serve two and are ready to eat in under 15 minutes.

The development of The Flavourists was said to have been “made possible” by the financial backing of British manufacturer Samworth Brothers, known for producing a range of branded and own-label foods.

The brand added it would also be donating 5% of its profits to The Flavourists Fund – managed by environmental organisation Hubbub – which will aim to inspire consumers to enjoy healthy, budget-conscious and environmentally-friendly food.

“Seeing that the top two emerging plant-based food trends were meal kits and new flavours, combined with our previous insight which identified that many meat-reducers are real foodies, led us to develop our range of semi-scratch kits which offer flavour exploration through creative cooking and ease,” said Kyrsten Halley, creator of The Flavourists.

“Our plan was always to create a plant-based brand, but when we started to dive into the figures and consumer conversations within this sector, it was so clear that it wasn’t just vegans asking for great-tasting plant-based dishes, it was everyone,” she added.

The meals launched into Waitrose earlier this month and will be available in Booths from 19 May and Ocado from 30 May.