Allied Bakeries is bringing nutritional ingredient du jour, Omega-3, to the mainstream bread market with the launch of Kingsmill Head Start.

It has also changed the name of its new crust-free loaf from Kingsmill Crustless to Crusts Away. Both products, aimed at helping parents to get goodness into their children's diets, are rolling out now.

Head Start is positioned as a convenient way to boost Omega-3 levels, particularly in children, whose diets typically lack nutrients found in oily fish and green vegetables. The company reckons the growing interest in products containing Omega-3 puts Kingsmill Head Start in a strong position to drive penetration.

Crusts Away, which comes in white and wholegrain variants, was launched in Iceland stores earlier this year as Crustless, but is now being rolled out across the trade under its new name. The company estimated that it would double the size of the crustless sector.

Allied is investing more than £5m in the dual launch and is forecasting significant sales for both brands. TV ads for Head Start will break next month, while Crusts Away ads are scheduled to air from late September. Kingsmill as a whole is set for relaunch later in the year.

Jon Wilson, marketing director at Allied Bakeries, said: "Allied Bakeries prides itself on providing tasty, wholesome foods that are a convenient choice for families. Kingsmill has listened to consumers and developed two products that address genuine needs."

Omega-3 has already made its debut in the bread sector in the form of Ues Yuor Laof from Sparky brands, which were launched in Selfridges and rolled out to Sainsbury's stores in May.

Allied Bakeries values the bread market at £1.44bn, with growth of 8% year-on-year [ACNielsen 52 w/e 1 April 2006].