Tesco plans further growth for its Finest wine range as well as using it to channel new and diverse wines through to the consumer, according to the retailer's new head of beers, wines and spirits.

"We can have enormous fun with it," said Dan Jago. "I think we are going to do more of this and we want to look at areas we haven't yet gone into."

The own-label range, which currently consists of 71 wines, has seen strong growth over the past few years and is believed to be worth more than £100m -although, because it is own label, it is not included in the ACNielsen audit, which is reserved for branded wines only. "The Tesco Finest wine range has been phenomenally strong," said Jago. "Customers who shop our value wines also shop for Finest. A lot of people want an everyday wine, but Tesco Finest can give people authority and people are clearly happy to put it on the table."

Jago said the range was unique in that Tesco was able to provide what ­customers asked for with relative ease.

"It has miles and miles to run," he said. "With Finest we have put our wines up front in order to encourage customers to explore.

"Wine is still an incredibly complex category and customers can find it intimidating, but they still like to explore for themselves."

Jago said Tesco was likely to make changes to the layout of its wine aisles this year, although none as ­drastic as last year's decision to move rosé wines into a dedicated area.

"Sales grew by 70% last year for our rosé wines, so clearly there are things we can do with the fixture that customers really like."

Jago said he expected that Tesco would put more premium offers in the rosé category this year, but ­nothing would be over-complicated.

"Customers love the simplicity of rosé, so you have to be careful not to make it too off-putting. There is a lot we can still do with this category though," he said.