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Last year: 10 ►◄

Sales: £360.7m (+3.2%)

With the price war rumbling on and value being stripped out of the loo roll sector by own label’s ascent, Andrex’s £11.2m growth is something to be celebrated.

The brand has convinced shoppers it’s worth paying that little bit more for - value is up 3.2% with an extra 900k (0.7%) units shifted.

Marketing now focuses on achieving an ‘elevated standard of cleanliness’. The relaunch of Andrex Washlets has been key in this, encouraging consumers to adopt a ‘clean routine’ of using dry and moist tissues in tandem.

It seems to be working. Washlets are up 3.7% and the relaunched Gentle Clean (with embossed Puppies) is up 16% to £38.7m, having sold 1.8 million (20.4%) more packs.