13 January 2001

The Grocer

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  • Intervention: New beef mountain rising Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Brussels has begun building a new intervention beef mountain. But first purchases prompted by BSE on the continent have totalled only 12,000 tonnes, mostly in France and Germany. The stockpile will not match the previous mountain in size as...

  • Invisible strings attached Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    SCA padded out its Fempro portfolio last week, with the launch of Bodyform Invisible String Towels. The launch spearheads the brand's new marketing strategy which includes a budget of £3.2m ­ an increase of 68% on last year. The tapered towel is...

  • It's a bigger and creamier Waistline Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Exclusive Karen Dempsey Crosse & Blackwell is revamping its low fat dressings brand Waistline to take a bigger dollop of the salad cream market which was rejuvenated by Heinz last year. Waistline will be made with a creamier recipe and it will now...

  • It's a healthy nut to crack Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    The California Pistachio Commission plans to push pistachios as a healthy snack in its new Health in a Nutshell' campaign. It has put together a series of information and recipe cards including an A-Z of pistachios, Healthy Snacks, Understanding...

  • Kids are us Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Sainsbury and Tesco's new children's ranges are set to go head to head in the battle for kids' stomachs. The Kids@Tesco collection, due in February, and Sainsbury's Blue Parrot Café collection, on shelf in March, comprise ready meals and trendy'...

  • Kikkoman strikes a natural pose Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Soy sauce brand Kikkoman is pouring £500,000 into a new year press campaign. The ads target lovers of fine food, emphasising that Kikkoman is naturally brewed and ideal for accompanying food. One of the straplines says: Which is the best soy...

  • Local brands: Somerfield in NFU link Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Somerfield is to crank up its drive to build local brands with a series of joint roadshows with the National Farmers' Union. A series of eight regional roadshows have been scheduled for February in England and Wales. Separate arrangements will be...

  • Leading edge: They're not too young to know Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Starting to feel your youth? Then you could be among the rapidly growing number of younger managers in the industry who are at risk of prejudice or bitterness from older members of the workforce and manager colleagues. Sarah Dowding offers tips on...

  • Let's make it wider, boys Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    The news that the OFT and its band of legal eagles will stick to the letter of Stephen Byers' law and only enforce a trading code across the big five multiples, rather than all of them, will disappoint many. It seems ridiculous, particularly to...

  • Kwik Save: Voucher trouble Subscription

    13 Jan 2001

    Shopworkers' union Usdaw has threatened to boycott the government's voucher system for asylum seekers as protests gather momentum. The move comes in response to an incident before Christmas where police were called in to break up protests about the...