The port industry is celebrating the millennium again with the news that wines produced in 2000 are good enough to be declared as vintage port. Leading company Symington's has announced that all its major brands will be offering a vintage style from the year, and other port houses are expected to follow suit. UK distributor Fells is now preparing sales details for the trade for Graham's, Dow's, Warre's and Quinta Do Vesuvio and expects to sell all the stock by September. Most will be stored until it is ready to be drunk, which may not be for some years. Fells brand manager Ben Campbell-Johnston said: "It was a small, high quality vintage and the best wines may not be ready until 2020." He added: "The port houses stake their reputations on vintage port. It shows they are committed to producing high quality wines. Vintages are only declared when the quality of the wine is exceptional, and the last one for the industry was in 1997." {{DRINKS }}