Product: Kronenbourg Blanc Launched: April 2005 Sales: £3.4m MAT to 20 May 2006

Sales of Kronebourg Blanc in the off-trade haven't quite matched up to the success of the white beer in pubs and clubs around the country, where it has become a strong contender against Hoegaarden. With penetration in the multiple grocers at only 1.4% and a four-pack selling for about £4, it isn't too h ard to see why sales have been slow. Still, it is early days, and Blanc could yet prove its worth.

?Product: Shape Solo Launched: April 2005 Sales: £2.2m MAT to 20 May 2006

The Shape brand had a torrid time last year with sales falling 11%, so it was interesting to see how Solo would perform. Sales have not been too bad, but with a penetration in the multiples of only 6%, it has by no means reached its full potential. A £5m campaign has helped, but the product is far from being a world beater quite yet.

?Product: Tiger Power Launched: August 2005 Sales: £1.7m MAT to 20 May 2006

Tiger Power was Kellogg's attempt to bring healthier cereals to children using the popularity of its Tony the Tiger brand ambassador. Laudable as the move may have been, kids and parents have been less impressed and the cereal has so far only managed to achieve a 0.52% share of the children's cereal market.

?Product: Haribo Starlets Launched: September 2005 Sales: £750,000 since launch, company figures

According to Haribo, listings for Starlets have increased over the past six months with both Asda and Tesco now listing the mini box as well as the bag multi-pack. Sales, however, show that the product has a long way to go if it is going to compete with heavyweight rivals such as Skittles.

?Product: Müller Vitality with Omega-3 Launched: November 2005 Sales: N/A

Müller claimed to be the first to add Omega-3 to its yoghurt drinks and yoghurts in November last year as part of its drive to take on the might of Actimel. Since then, a number of competitors have followed suit, showing that it was ahead of the game. How the addition of Omega-3 has affected sales is hard to gauge, however.