Product: Nescafé Partners' Blend Launched: October 2005 Sales: £168,000 since launch

Launched in the same week as Kenco Sustainable Development, Partners' Blend has so far been squarely beaten by the former. With a third of its rival's sales and lower distribution levels, the product has underperformed despite strong Nescafé branding and a worthy approach to sustainable coffee production. 1-0 to Kenco.

?Product: Bin Fix Launched: October 2005 Sales: N/A

Bin liner brand Bin Fix hasn't got out of the changing rooms yet, even after encouraging sales at the autumn Ideal Home Show 2005, where it was launched. But don't write it off yet. Plans are afoot to bring the product to the masses soon, although the company is keeping the exact date under wraps, so it could be a star performer yet.

?Product: Tilda white & brown basmati rice Launched: November 2005 Sales: £87,800 w/e 22 April 2006

Tilda's blend of 40% brown and 60% white basmati rice has performed steadily since launch but buyers say that greater marketing is needed from the company to encourage people to trade up to the product. Trial and repeat purchase figures are also pretty bleak, with 0.04% of ACNielsen's consumer panel having tried the product so far.

?Product: Patak's regional cooking sauces Launched: June 2005 Sales: £861,000 52 w/e 22 April 2006

Patak's attempted to get people to try more authentic curry sauces with its regional range, yet sales have shown that UK consumers aren't that adventurous. It's no surprise that the most popular sauce, Jaipuri, has the words 'tikka masala' in the title, and that more challenging blends, such as Goan Seven Spice, have let the crowd down.

?Product: Batchelor's Cup a Soup in a jar Launched: October 2005 Sales: N/A

With no sales figures available on how Batchelor's new jar has affected overall sales of the Cup a Soup brand, it's hard to commentate on its performance. Still, the product was a good idea and will no doubt have attracted new buyers because of its user-friendly format. It could yet be a star in the making.