We quizzed the nation, with the help of Harris Interactive, to find out what their favourite canned food is and who eats the most. Find out here…

One of our 10 Things You Need To Know About… Canned Goods

Canned food sales have faltered. More than £70m has been wiped off category value as Brits chomped down on 8.3 million fewer kilos of foods such as baked beans, tuna and soup [Kantar Worlpanel 52 w/e 1 January 2017].

It’s still worth a whopping £2.2bn, though, proving to be a reliable cupboard staple. But it curries favour with some age groups more than others. So, who eats the most canned food? We’ve teamed up with Harris Interactive, who polled 2,025 consumers, to find out for us.

Here are the results:

Canned goods infographic

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