Budget-conscious shoppers can now get clean clothes with a clean conscience.

Aquados Simply laundry capsules need less water than standard detergents to become undetectable in the environment. They are also biodegradable and use 50% less powder than their big box equivalents.

The brand has been awarded the first EU eco-label licence for a UK laundry detergent - a labelling scheme run by the European Eco-labelling Board to reassure consumers that products meet strict ecological and performance criteria.

The two variants - Simply Active (biological) and Simply Sensitive (non-biological) - are packed in recyclable, reusable tubs in a 15-wash pack; each tub contains 30 SoftTabs, two of which are used for a standard washing load.

Both variants can be used effectively at low temperatures and on short wash cycles, saving energy and water.

The tubs are priced at £2.99 with listings secured in Morrisons, The Co-operative Group and Sainsbury's. "Consumers would prefer an ecologically sound laundry product provided they don't have to compromise in terms of performance or pay a premium," said Andrew Glen, UK sales and marketing director.

"They're also confused about many products' green claims and an independent accreditation process like the EU Eco-label will be important in reassuring and educating them."

Though there has been a spate of environmentally friendly brand launches in the household cleaning category recently, including Method and the relaunch of Biocare, not many, apart from Ecover, have been from 'green' laundry brands.

Aquados promises further NPD later this year and Simply Dishwash will be the next product. It uses similar SoftTab technology and also has an EU Eco-label licence; 30 pouches have an rsp of £5.49.

Glen plans to promote the brand through press adverts, sampling, coupons and viral marketing. "The products could appeal to anyone concerned about the environment but who doesn't want to pay a premium."