Interbrew gives a XXXX
n Interbrew has pledged £9m to restore standard lager Castlemaine XXX to its former glory.
n The Aussie brand is due to join Interbrew's UK stable in January 2003, just as the brewing giant relinquishes control of Heineken here.
n The move enables Interbrew to continue investing in the standard lager sector, while Heineken has announced plans to scrap its Cold Filtered standard lager in favour of premium.

Red rivals
n Britvic Soft Drinks has given up on its Carbon energy drink and bought established brand Red Devil for an undisclosed sum instead.
n It plans to flex considerable marketing muscle behind its new baby to pit it against the sector pioneer, the mighty Red Bull.
n The brand's current frontman, tough guy' actor Vinnie Jones, is likely to feature in new advertisements

Corners in a tube
n Yogurt giant Mí±²í¼¥r is putting its superstar brand Corners into a new Squeezers tube format and targeting it at a new age group.
n Two tubes ­ one containing yogurt, the other fruit sauce ­ are designed to be squeezed into mouths simultaneously and aim to add a fun element and attract older children and teenagers to the chiller cabinet.

Andy Pandy waving hello
n Yoplait Dairy Crest has signed up classic children's television character Andy Pandy as frontman for a new range of fromage frais.
n The clownsuit-cladded puppet, who returned to the television screen earlier this year, will go up against Bob the Builder, the Tweenies and many other brands in the star-studded children's sector.