Ginsters is spicing up its portfolio of traditional Cornish pasties with a range using recipes from India, Italy and Mexico.

The 'pasties of the world' range, which will be made from local West Country ingredients combined with spices from around the world, includes an Indian-inspired spicy beef variant, an Italian meat feast and a Mexican spicy chicken option. Rsp for the 180g pasties is £1.49 and they go on-shelf from 16 April.

The range has been designed to appeal to consumers seeking "adventurous new food experiences", but Ginster's Cornish roots will be clearly flagged up on pack through straplines such as: 'A taste of India from Cornwall.'

The spicy beef variant combines beef, potato and onion with a blend of oriental spices, spinach and tomato, while the Italian offering, which has taken inspiration from folded-over pizzas, contains beef, pepperoni, tomato, mozzarella, olives and pepper. The Mexican pasty is based on the traditional Empanada-style dishes and is made with chicken, onion, green peppers, chillies, tomato and raisins.

"These pasties will appeal to a range of new consumers and will bring life and excitement to a well-established sector," said Andy Valentine, head of brand marketing. "They will also encourage consumers to trade up to premium quality brands."

The newcomer will be supported by an eight-week campaign including consumer press, sampling and an on-pack promotion to win holidays in India, Italy and Mexico, which kicks off this month.

This is not Ginsters' first attempt at injecting new life into chilled savoury pasties. Its Deli Bake range, positioned as a healthier option, was scrapped after a year as it suffered from consumers' perception that other snack options were healthier.